December 11, 1941: From the Diary of Rear Admiral Giichi Nakahara:

On 10 December 1941 our 6th Submarine Division, after attacking the enemy on Wake Island, received heavy damage from enemy airplanes: one destroyer, Kisaragi, was sunk by bombing and some minor damage was given to the Division by machine-gun fire. So the Division retired to Queseline Island.

On the 11th, another air attack was made on the enemy which had lost half of her fighting strength on the previous day. Our 15 planes engaged in air fighting with the result of shooting down 3 enemy planes and losing two of our planes and receiving some damage to another seven. WAR LESSONS: The abovementioned result tells us that well-protected islands are strong, as our war result shows. As the island is so small, our forces are supposed to land on it during this week. But it is very difficult to wholly destroy such an island though we can easily bombard or bomb those enemy gun positions. If such an island is guarded by submarines, we shall be all the more in a disadvantageous position in carrying out our operation against the island, and it the same time, the occupation of such an island will not be easy if the circumstances were thus that supporting enemy forces are coming there.

Accordingly, we have to waste an unexpected amount of our strength in occupying Wake Island. On the other hand, this reasoning shows the reasonableness of the following operational view: if we put each of the Marshall and the Caroline Islands in such a position that each island can help and support mutually with considerable strength on it, our defense power will be very strong; that is, the dispersion of armed islands have a great fighting power. If a corner of such dispositioned areas should be taken by the enemy or were to be taken, all the air strength should be concentrated to that point with the intention of enlarging our war results. (Dillon)

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