December 8, 1941: Berlin to Tokyo:

From 5 PM today myself, RIBBENTROP, KASE, USHIDA, and GAUSS put our heads together on this matter of the non-conclusion of a separate peace with a view to imparting to this declaration the loftiest possible significance, and produced the agreement contained in my telegram under reference. This goes beyond the adoption of our proposal in regard to a promise of non-conclusion of a separate peace (Clause II) to the following extent:

(a) The Three Powers’ firm intention to fight against Anglo-American aggression until final victory is expressed in Clause II.

(b) Cooperation with a view to the establishment of a new order after the war is promised in Clause III. Thereby the significance of this war is elucidated, while at the same time Clause III has an advantage from the point of view of obtaining German and Italian cooperation then the Great East Asia co-prosperity sphere is established after the war, this, I believe, being in accord with the views of the Japanese Government. I hope therefore that the above text will be adopted unless there are any serious objections, and that the formalities for signature may be completed promptly. I would add that in the meantime the Germans have notified me that the Italian Government is in complete agreement with this proposal.

2. RIBBENTROP said that he would like the publication of this agreement to take place on the 10th and immediately afterwards hoped to stage a big demonstration. He was at the moment unable to say what kind of demonstration this would be but it was sure to be something distinctly favorable to JAPAN, and he was most anxious that signature should be on the 10th. I therefore told him that this could not be undertaken in view of formalities in JAPAN, but as it is likely to be helpful to us if we play our part in falling in with GERMANY’s intention I would suggest that you push on with the formalities as fast as possible with a view to prompt signature. Should signature on the 10th not be possible please reply immediately by telegram on what date it can be accomplished.

3. Just as this very talk was in progress RIBBENTROP received the Imperial Headquarters report of the victory in which the American battleships were sunk, and was greatly delighted and praised highly the daring of our Navy. (Costello II)

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