August 11, 1941: From the Diary of Rear Admiral Giichi Nakahara, the chief of the Japanese Navy Ministry's Personnel Bureau:

Since the Japanese occupation of Thailand, the hostile attitude of the US and England against Japan has been very outstanding. * Military main forces in regard to the concentration of the British Military Forces around Thailand. * Entering of Warspite into Siam Bay. * Interview of Roosevelt and Churchill on the Atlantic. * Freezing of funds and materials, at the same time the winning over of the Dutch East Indies. * The US supplies the USSR with materials, especially gasoline for aircraft; and it is often reported that those go through Vladivostok over the Pacific. The Russo-German war seemed at a deadlock for a little time, but lately Germany is announcing considerable war results...At the same time, a considerable number of British ships were sunk off the British coast.

I cannot but feel that these announcements of war results by Germany is to reveal the fact that Germany wants to show that the Eastern Front is not stagnantly defensive facing the severe winter soon to come, although the German attack on the USSR was not through yet. On the other hand, the British Empire wants positive help from the US. Some say that the former intends to take over Norway. Germany is asking French help and pro-German people in France are increasing. Rumor is running that Germany asked France to put Tagare into one of the common defense areas against England. Or it might imply that the preceding paragraph is just a pretext for the US to occupy it. There is another information telling me that the US is insisting on the claim to Brazil to let Brazil ask Portugal to request common defense of the Azores areas. Japan, too, is being forced to fight it out to the last in the Pacific; now it is high time to decide on war or peace by external pressure. (Dillon)

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